Jobs at AS3 FAQ about the applications process

Where do I send my application?

We only accept applications via our website. Find the relevant job advertisement and click on the "apply for job" link at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions accordingly.

Have you received my application?

All applicants who apply through our website will receive a confirmation by e-mail that we have received the application. If you have not received this confirmation, you should check your spam filter in case it is there. If it is not there, and you have not heard from us, please contact us at so that we can ensure that your application reaches the right people.

How do I ensure that I see your job advertisements?

We advertise most positions on our website and on our LinkedIn page. By following AS3 on LinkedIn, you will be informed of any vacant positions. You can also register with our job search agent, which will directly inform you of any vacant positions.

Are all positions advertised?

We do not publicly advertise all positions. Some positions are filled by applicants who have sent us unsolicited applications. This involves us contacting a number of candidates, who are invited to interviews. We also review the unsolicited applications we have received for advertised positions. As these are the result of searches, we may not find your application, even if you have a profile that is relevant to the job. Therefore, we encourage you to keep an eye on our job advertisements.

What if there are no positions that suit me?

If there are no positions advertised that match your profile, you can look in our listings for unsolicited applications. If you are also unable to find a category there that matches what you are looking for, it is highly likely that we currently have no openings to match your competences. You are welcome to contact us and find out more.  

I have sent you an unsolicited application. When will I hear from you?

After you have received a confirmation, you will only hear from us if an opening appears within 6 months. If you do not hear from us, it does not mean that we are not interested. It only means that we have no vacant positions that match your profile or geographic location. We therefore ask you to be patient. We archive your data for up to six months, after which we delete it from our system, as required by law. After six months, you are welcome to register again, if you are still interested.

What do I do if I want to apply for more than one job?

We always look at where we think our applicants are most likely to fit into AS3. However, we would rather you applied for the individual positions that you are interested in.

I have previously sent an unsolicited application. There is now a position for which I would like to apply. What should I do?

Ideally, you should contact our HR Department, so we can help you further.

How would you prefer to receive my application/CV? How much material should I send with an application?

We receive your application via the link at the bottom of the relevant job advertisement. We would very much like to receive your CV and a short reasoned application and any applicable diplomas, preferably as pdf files, alternatively as Word documents.

Who can I contact?

Our job advertisements indicate a contact person who can provide you with additional information about the specific job. If you are in doubt about job content, or competence requirements, please feel free to contact us for further information. You can also contact us atansogninger@as3.dkand we will contact you by phone. Indicate if your inquiry concerns a specific position.

Do you collect references?

As part of the recruitment process, we do indeed collect references from your previous employers. We never do so, however, unless you have given us your express consent.

How long do you store my data? Is it secure and confidential when in your hands?

Only those employees at AS3 who are involved in the actual recruitment process are able to access your application, so you are assured complete confidentiality.

When applying for a job with AS3, you automatically agree to us processing and storing your data for up to six months. When a recruitment process has been completed, your data will be deleted unless we have told you otherwise. As an applicant, you have the right at any time to revoke your consent to the processing and storage of information in connection with your participation in a recruitment process. If so, please contact AS3. AS3's policy for storage and processing ensures high standards in terms of both security and ethical considerations. It has been drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the Danish Data Protection Authority and Act No. 429 of 31 May 2000 on the processing of personal data.

Do you take on interns and student employees?

AS3 employs interns and student employees in a variety of departments at our head office, which include HR, marketing and communications. We consider reciprocal access to new knowledge, exchange of experience and new perspectives on practice and theory to be of value to both us and to the individual student. If we are looking for interns or student employees, it will be indicated under "vacant positions".

Is it possible to work on a written project in collaboration with AS3?

At AS3, we think it is important to establish good relationships with the world of education. We are therefore happy to be available in connection with undergraduate and thesis assignments and perceive such collaborations to be beneficial and instructive for both parties. If there are openings in relation to project collaboration, the project will be posted under "vacant positions", where you can explain your research question and how you think we can contribute.