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AS3 is divided into a number of specialised business units, each of which employs various different employee profiles. Our market is changing continuously and so do we. Therefore, our need for specific types of profiles is also subject to constant change. Management consultants, social workers, business consultants, language consultants and job counsellors are just some of the employee profiles that are currently employed at AS3.

Read more about the individual business units and which employee profiles are most often recruited to each unit.

You can see positions that are currently vacant here. If you are unable to find a suitable vacant position, you can read about what we can offer and send an unsolicited application via "unsolicited applications".

Corporate functions

The work of AS3 Corporate involves servicing AS3's individual business units. It is comprised of the IT, Finance, Business Development and HR departments.

Examples of employee profiles at AS3 Corporate include:

  • IT support staff and project managers

  • HR consultants (recruitment, workplace environment, legal and training)

  • Finance/accounts staff

  • Communications staff

  • Other administrative staff (e.g. coordination and reception)

Collaboration with the private and public business community

We assist private companies and public sector organisations. Here we have specialised in providing support and coaching people and organisations in the management of job changes that are either the result of redundancies or are due to job changes that aim towards retention and development. Read more below.

AS3 Executive

AS3 Executive offers individual and tailored counselling for executives in both the public and private sector. AS3 Executive works with:

  • Executive Outplacement, which involves laying down an optimal strategy and plan for executives to help them towards a quick comeback after losing a job.

  • Executive Career Coaching and Mentoring, to ensure continued success in a current position.

The most frequently recruited employee profiles at AS3 Executive are:

  • Permanent staff with Executive experience
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AS3 Transition

AS3 Transition supports private companies and public organisations in achieving their business goals and works with:

  • Outplacement (redundancies, termination processes, outplacement programmes, job counselling)

  • Change Capacity (change management, change processes, development of managerial staff and employees)

  • Career & Performance (coaching, career clarification, competence clarification, mentors)

  • Stress & Well-being (well-being, stress management, sickness absence and coaching of managerial staff)

The most frequently recruited employee profiles at AS3 Transition are:

  • Senior Account Managers

  • Back Office (Project Managers, administrative staff, communications interns)
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Partnership with job centres and municipalities

We have gained considerable experience in reactivating unemployed people from vastly different backgrounds. We run numerous programmes in partnership with job centres and municipalities. The goal is to help people to find new jobs and careers. A2B also provides courses that combine a unique vocational focus with language school tuition, aimed at immigrants and refugees. Read more below.

AS3 Employment

AS3 Employment runs numerous programmes in partnership with job centres and has considerable experience in providing job counselling for unemployed people from vastly different backgrounds. The goal is to help people to find new jobs and careers. AS3 Employment has in-depth knowledge of job opportunities as we are in constant contact with the business community. The most frequently recruited employee profiles at AS3 Employment are:

  • Job counsellors
  • Social workers/social intermediaries/case managers
  • Outreach business consultants and call centre staff
  • Administrative staff
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A2B works with job centres and municipalities throughout the country, to help the unemployed to acquire Danish language skills and otherwise upgrade their qualifications. At our language centres, we teach job market-oriented Danish to refugees and immigrants, helping them become self-supporting as quickly as possible. At our A2B-centres we retrain those who are unemployed and match them with a specific job or a course of education. The most frequently recruited employee profiles at A2B are:

  • Language consultants/teachers

  • Consultants/job counsellors

Internship, thesis and student jobs

At AS3, we use various job types. If one of our business entities has tasks that are relevant for internships, theses and student jobs, we advertise the position. The important thing is always that the position should make sense, both to you and to us.


MENTORcompany partners with job centres throughout the country, providing mentor support and mentor courses. MENTORcompany's mentors provide support and counselling for unemployed people who need extra motivation to find and retain a job or continue in a qualification. MENTORcompany is also responsible for the retraining and qualification of mentors for the municipalities and in the business community nationwide. The most frequently recruited employee profiles at MENTORcompany are:

  • Mentors

  • Teaching staff for the Mentor Qualification

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